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vBulletin Portfolio
vBulletin is a popular commercial forum software which has an active modification community. I have worked as a freelancer for a few large communities powered by the software, and have contributed several popular modifications to the vBulletin community.

I was an active contributor to the vBulletin modification community. My most popular modifications include: vBStatus, Video Gallery, and vBArmy. In total, I have accumulated over 1,000 installations of my work. My profile on the site can be viewed here.

I developed a cell phone catalog which uses third party APIs to fetch the specifications and images of newly released phones. I also devised a simple algorithm for identifying similar phones. The catalog has been in use since February 2008, and can be viewed here.

I developed an HYIP (High-yield investment program) listing system. The finished product can be viewed here.

I developed a car club system which allowed users who were the leaders of car clubs to be given private sections of the site with dedicated forums, galleries, and news portals. The main website is located here.